Our Inner Foodies

After work on Friday, we went to one of our fave Mexican restaurants, El Toro in Hyde Park. They have fantastic margaritas that definitely have a kick! We've still been taking it easy on the weekends, not knowing when my health is going to throw us a curveball, so we didn't really have any plans.

So, Saturday, we ventured downtown to go to The Eagle. It was a rainy day, but we parked in the garage right around the corner and we only had a 1/2 hour wait. From everything I'd seen about this restaurant, it was known for its amazing fried chicken that somehow made a several-hour wait worth it. We, of course, were not there for the chicken, but we got a smorgasbord of sides that definitely left us fulfilled.
After a Kohl's and grocery stop at Meijer, we went home to make some mojitos, which have fast become our favorite cocktail. Fresh-tasting but still strong and with a hint of sweetness to keep it palatable.
Our Black & Blue Mojito was delicious, so I am still working on convincing the husband to let us try every single one on this list. :)
We also made homemade crackers (that were a bit too salty).
Sunday morning we made homemade pop-tarts using a variety of fillings.
And cuz we'd apparently spent too much time browsing Popsugar, we also made Baked Eggs in Avocado.  I liked the baked eggs part alright, but I learned that I don't like hot avocado very much.
Finally, we ended the evening with some peanut butter thumbprint cookies. Not so pretty but fairly tasty.
So, total win for the Eagle and mojitos! ;) (The rest of the food could probably use a little work.)


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