Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Review

Product: This "5 pack of Microfiber Towels from Federico's Car Care is great to use for cleaning your car, home, or appliances. The large 16x16 inch size will make sure you have no problems giving your vehicle that great clean finish, or simply making it much easier to dust around your home. Microfiber is great at trapping little dust particles and will remove dirt from most surfaces without damaging the finish or leaving streaks. The cloths are able to soak up much more than its weight, and they can clean up grease and even oil if need be. These are 100% machine washable" (follow instructions for care to prolong quality).

Use: It was bathroom cleaning week at my house, so I used these cloths. They were soft and effective. I primarily used these on the mirrors, and they cleaned the surface and left it streak-free.

Verdict: All of my microfiber cloths at home are well-worn, so these were a great addition to my cleaning arsenal.

I received this product complimentary for review purposes.  


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