Easter Weekend

We kept Easter pretty low-key this year. I've been suffering from a persistent headache - that's gotten much better but still lingered enough to deter us from heading home for the holiday. I got Francisco too much candy, and he got me a game that we've been playing regularly since the weekend (Rayman Legends).
We made homemade Apple Fritters for breakfast.
Apple Fritters
On Saturday, we had gone out to A Tavola in Over-the-Rhine and had the most delicious eggplant sliders and some flavorful Brussel Sprout pizza.
A Tavola eggplant sliders Brussel Sprout pizza
We have also been luxuriating in our weekend morning coffee since we got a French Press to try.
Kitchen Supreme French Press
We recently did a coffee showdown between a traditionally brewed cup of coffee vs. a cup of French Press. Very, very noticeable difference. The French press coffee is so much creamier, foamier, and a much more bold flavor. It takes more time to prepare, but it's perfect when you have the time on the weekends!


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