No Caffeine Makes for Sleepy Bees

Our weekend began with a delicious dinner at M Wood Fired Oven on Friday, one of our favorite restaurants around town. They're not EXACTLY high-end, but they are on the moderately pricey side. Their truffle fries are delicious, especially the harissa aioli, and Francisco can't stop raving about their Cauliflower and Brussels Sprout Gratin. He wants to replicate this at home, so that means he's a big fan.
M Wood Fired Oven
Saturday mornings, I always look forward to a hot cup of coffee and snuggling up with the hubs to watch House Hunters. But...the neurologist had a strict recommendation of zero caffeine. He did say that caffeine is odorless and tasteless, so he suggested decaf. Francisco ran out in the morning to buy some coffee and prepared it in the French Press.
It got me thinking about all the health benefits that are broadly associated with drinking coffee and whether any of those benefits were correlated with decaf. A quick Google search yielded some negative results - the chemical solvents used to decaffienate coffee may be harmful to your health, the coffee is highly acidic, etc. So, I may need to do some more research on this. :(

But while the hubs was out, he also stopped and picked us up O Pie O! I've been wanting to try this place since I first heard of them, but two trips to Findlay Market had left us empty-handed since they were already sold out.
O Pie O
Francisco's strategy to arrive at opening worked much better. He came home with Apple Pie (below, left) and Honey Vinegar (right). We both ended up loving the Honey Vinegar.
O Pie O
So, pie for about breakfast for lunch? We headed out to Sleepy Bee Cafe...the name seemed very fitting for me since caffeine withdrawal was definitely in effect. I had the Queen City Bee, a breakfast sandwich with goetta (I subbed veggie sausage), apple, arugula, egg, and their nectar sauce, while Francisco had an Omelet. We also shared a Blue Bee pancake and ended up with an extra side of Hive Fries since Francisco's plate came out with root vegetables by mistake.  We both adored Sleepy Bee and will definitely be back again.
Sleepy Bee Cafe
While we were waiting for a table to open up, I saw that a new location of Streetpops had just opened up two doors down.
Of course we had to stop in, and we ended up leaving with a Housemade Ricotta Lemon pop.


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