Bathroom Week

Everyone has their own approach to cleaning, and the method I have found that works best for me is to assign a set of rooms to each week for cleaning. Admittedly, this worked a lot better when we lived in a small apartment with a total of 4 rooms, but in general, the theory still works.  I like to have a clean house, but cleaning can quickly become overwhelming, and this helps keep it simple. After a couple of passes at getting the overall house organized, we've started getting into a more normal cleaning schedule.

As we're getting all of the rooms cleaned up, I thought it would be a good opportunity to post some pictures of the rooms. My mom hasn't been down to see the new place yet, so I'm sure she'll appreciate it. ;-)
I pretty much love our Master Bath, although it could stand to have some more storage. But that's just cuz' I have too much stuff! We had a Linen Closet at the old house, which was incredibly useful. The tub and shower are separate, but I've never been a big bath person, so the tub has yet to get any use. And just ignore my collection of samples on the counter - I like to keep the products I'm testing handy. :-P
The half-bath is near the front hallway - very convenient! It's a small room, so we really haven't done too much to it.
The lower-level bathroom has pretty much become Francisco's main bathroom. I had taken it over with some of my nail polish storage, but he was ready to evict me.  


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