Living Room Week

Lest you think I forgot, I just didn't - and still haven't - really made enough progress on the living rooms to post about them. Hopefully, that will change soon, but in the is the upstairs living room.
This was our main living space...up until just recently when we decided to move all of the furniture downstairs and try out that room for a while. So, now upstairs is currently very empty. There is an opening in the kitchen wall that opens up to the living room, and there are two half-dome windows that let in a lot of natural light - love!
There is a small-ish dining area that is currently home to my very old table and chair set from IKEA. This set has definitely seen better days, but we still haven't made up our minds whether we should try to salvage it with some attempted DIY or just spend the money to get something new.
Heading downstairs...
Off to the side of the living area, there is a small wet bar, and I currently have some of our collection of board games on a shelf and in a cabinet since we had originally thought this could be our game area. I also stashed my workout gear here for easy access. :P
We obviously still have some big decisions to make. There are some pros and cons to both the upstairs and downstairs areas, so it's been tough to decide what we want to do with the space. How silly would it be to have two actual living rooms? I mean, I've kind of been wanting a new couch and entertainment center anyway...and we still have a little bit of insurance money left to put toward a TV...

Downstairs Living Room

  • Easier to control lighting and allow for better TV viewing
  • Better workout space - I nearly always use the TV for my morning workouts, and the space down here is bigger
  • Darker
  • Downstairs - that means an extra trip up for coffee or nail polish. :-P
Upstairs Living Room
  • Much better lighting 
  • More convenient location
  • I can't actually think of any cons for this arrangement...except the question of then what do we do with the downstairs room? But the opposite issue exists otherwise...and I think that one is worse since the upstairs room is so much more visible.  
Ah, #firstworldproblems. I'm open to suggestions! What would you do with the space? And if it involves bringing the couch back upstairs, let me know your ideas soon - cuz' my brother's staying the week, and he will be a great asset in wrestling the couch back upstairs! ;-)


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