Bedroom Week

I know I just posted about the bathrooms, but we actually finished those rooms a couple weeks ago, and last week we concentrated on the bedrooms.
Our master bedroom is on the upper-level of the condo, and it is much larger than the bedroom at the house we were renting. We pretty much could only fit our bed and dresser in there, but we have two dressers in our current bedroom with room to spare.
This is hands-down the best master closet I've ever had. I think I was so excited to have such a large closet that this was one of the first "rooms" I focused on organizing. ;-) I just bought a new Helmer from IKEA (bottom-left picture at right) to organize all of my nail care products - I finally have everything all in one place! I've been temporarily storing my workout equipment in the closet, but I'm hoping to change that once we finalize our living room plans.
Since we have more rooms than weeks in a month, we paired the decks with the bedroom-cleaning as well.  This is the upper-level deck, which is the one we use the most by far. We had a birds nest filled with baby birds in the upper left corner, but it eventually collapsed because there were too many birds sharing it and they kept making it larger and larger. It looked like all the birdies had already flew the coop though, so no worries there. We had the bird feeder hanging for a while, but it just made a massive mess, so we are brainstorming other ideas on how we can hang it.  I looked outside early one morning to see a raccoon having breakfast, so I guess our squirrel issue has a new face! We haven't seen nearly the variety of birds that we would see at the old place. Mostly House Finches (tons and tons!), a couple of Robins and Cardinals, and a Downy Woodpecker. I am hoping once we get our bird restaurant open for business again, we'll have more customers. ;-)
The lower-level bedroom is pretty empty, but I always have to remind myself that it may not be the smartest idea to spend too much money outfitting a place we're just renting. Travyss was wondering what I was doing in his room though when he was obviously trying to sleep.
I won't show you this closet because it is a mess.  It's a combination of holiday stuff, luggage, files, etc. I did just get a new filing cabinet recently, so that should help...except when we took all of the pieces out of the box from Office Depot, one of the main components was damaged, so we still have to call about getting a replacement.

And finally, the downstairs deck, which as I mentioned, gets very little use.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Tabitha. Rocky the Raccoon seems to have made himself right at home! Miss you; and await for the next post.

  2. LOL, miss you, too, Grace!


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