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So, I may have mentioned before that my husband's pretty awesome. ;-) I try not to brag, LOL, but he is usually quick to take action when he sees the opportunity to do something sweet for me, whether big or small. And he definitely had a hand in some surprises for me during my birthday month.  He knows how much I love receiving subscription boxes, and Sample Society was recently having a Warehouse Sale where you could get 5 past favorite boxes for $25.00 (2 for $15 or 1 for $10). This subscription box normally retails for $15.00 monthly, so these were all good deals! The 5 for $25 deal goes quickly, but he managed to get an order in and proceeded to present boxes to me throughout the month of June and early July.  The only catch with this deal is that there was a risk that I might receive duplicate samples from boxes I'd received in the past. Let's see how the selection turned out...
The first box I opened was from March 2013, and it featured a Butter London nail polish (Blagger), so obviously I was excited! I did not subscribe to Sample Society during this time, so all of these samples were original to me.
Yes, folks, ANOTHER new color from Butter London (Scuppered) from the October 2013 box. I have sampled the Pur~lisse serum and the BB cream, but that still leaves three more new samples. October was when I first began my subscription to Sample Society, so this was the first "repeat" box.
This was the January 2014 box, and I had received three of these products in my box earlier this year, but you can never have enough cuticle oil...or Butter London products!
This selection from February 2014 was undoubtedly my least exciting box here, because I have definitely sampled all three of the hair care products already, and I didn't really care for any of them.
Last but not least, the April 2013 box! I've received Jane Tran hair clips before, but this print is 10X cuter, and the rest of the samples are brand new to me!
As always, if you're interested in a Sample Society subscription yourself, please remember to use this unique code, RXCK109088, at the Beauty Bar website. I didn't value all of the products I received, but I always get a great value with my Sample Society subscription.


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