Getting Settled

It has been about a month since we've moved into the new condo and we've probably made some decent progress. My brother came down to help us get moved in, so we took a Saturday to transport everything from the house we were renting to the condo. It was a very bittersweet time, and I wish we didn't have to leave the house under such sad terms, but we are really liking the condo so far. It is so bright and new. It's roughly the same size as the house we were in previously, but the layout is very different, so we are still trying to figure out how we want to use the space.

We've been doing some furniture shopping and re-arranging, so hopefully, things will come together soon.

But here's some pics of the mess after we got everything into the house. Cleaning around cats is always a challenge, LOL!
More pics of the rooms to come!


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